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  • Positive Gains that can Result from Counseling can Include:

    * An insight and understanding of your self and greater self-awareness.


    * Changing of your ideas, beliefs and mental habits.


    * An increase in your acceptance and appreciation for who you are.


    * An increase in your emotional understanding and ability to deal with emotions.


    * An increase in your ability to control yourself and your urges.


    * The development of self-management skills and abilities.


    * An increase in your motivation to take actions that are good for yourself.


    * An increase in your understanding of others and why they act the way they do.


    * An increase in your appreciation, respect and concern for others.


    * An increase in the quality of your relationships with others.


    * A capacity to change and improve your relationship with family and friends.


    * A plan for you to correct past negative actions and problems.


  Improve your life through quality counseling from a friend!