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You Have a Friend Counseling Service can be provided to clients who are Internet savvy using free Skype technology that allows users to engage in a face-to-face conversation using their computers and the Internet.

This makes it possible to participate in a face-to-face counseling session using a computer if it is equipped with a camera and microphone.

Skype is available free and can be downloaded from the Internet by clicking on the logo below.

Once a client has registered and selected Skype as the preferred counseling service, the client is provided with a Skype account and a counseling session is scheduled.  At the scheduled time You Have a Friend Counseling Service initiates a Skype call and when the client answers the call the counseling session begins.

To download Skype click on the logo and follow the download and installation instructions.

If you have a problem downloading and installing Skype click HERE.



You Have a Friend Counseling Service is not a psychological, psychiatric, or social work based counseling service.


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