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"Personal, Family, Business, Marriage/Relationship, Career, Senior Citizen, Friendship Counseling & Problem Solving

 Based on Sensitive Listening, Respect, Common Sense and an Attitude of Friendship"


    You Have a Friend Counseling Service is available to its clients when needed and on a continuing basis based on the belief that "a friend in need is a friend indeed!"

    It is a fact that old habits are very hard to break and the most difficult problems are rarely solved easily but require persistent and a dedicated effort on the part of the client and the counselor to resolve them.

    The determination of how much continued support is needed is a routine part of the counseling process and the need for continued support is a decision made by the client and the counselor at the end of each session.

    The You Have a Friend Counseling relationship never comes to an end, and service is available to clients even after a problem is solved.


    You Have a Friend Counseling Service is not a psychological, psychiatric, or social work based counseling service.


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