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"A Free Service Provided in Friendship to Those in Need!"


Dr. John T. Whiting, Counselor & Friend

"You can talk to me when you need a friend!"

"When you think you have no one to talk to - You Have a Friend"

"Life should be fun!   Frustration, anxiety, unhappiness and stress are caused by facing a problem with no apparent solution.  All problems have solutions!  You Have a Friend counseling and consulting focuses on the development of the positive attitude that leads to the identification of a solution that can open the door to happiness and making life fun."

Service Offerings:

Help with Personal, Family, Business, Marriage/Relationship, Career, Senior Citizen, Friendship Counseling & Consulting!

Service based on a Attitude Adjustment Methodology, Sensitive Listening, Respect, Common Sense and Friendship"



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      A life experience counseling service based on personal needs theory, a client’s attitude toward life, spiritual and educational experience, positive thinking and friendship.

      You Have a Friend Counseling Service is not a psychological, psychiatric, or social work based counseling service.


"Background photographs by Dr. John T. Whiting"

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