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"Personal, Family, Business, Marriage/Relationship, Career, Senior Citizen, Friendship Counseling & Problem Solving

 Based on Sensitive Listening, Respect, Common Sense and an Attitude of Friendship"


    You Have a Friend Counseling Service is available to its clients on a face-to-face basis.  Meeting a client personally represents the best counseling option because it provides the best opportunity to fully explore the issues underlying a problem while getting the maximum personal feedback from both the client and the counselor.

    Many times it is the unspoken information that is derived from a facial expression, a look in the eye or the body language of both the client and the counselor that provides the additional information that can lead to a mutual understanding and eventually a solution to a problem.

    Face-to-face sessions are scheduled at time and location convenient to both the client and the counselor and can be at a neutral location outside of the home or in the home of the client, to be determined by which location would be most conducive for reaching positive and favorable results from he session.

    This determination is made on a mutual basis by the client and the counselor.

    The goal of You Have a Friend Counseling is to engage in the counseling process in a venue that has the highest potential to produce quality results at the least inconvenience to the client.



    You Have a Friend Counseling Service is not a psychological, psychiatric, or social work based counseling service.


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