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"Personal, Family, Business, Marriage/Relationship, Career, Senior Citizen, Friendship Counseling & Problem Solving

 Based on Sensitive Listening, Respect, Common Sense and an Attitude of Friendship"

You Have a Friend Counseling Service believes that all problems have solutions if there is a sincere effort and thoughtful plan to slove them.

A thoughtful plan is one that is based on common sense, understanding gained from listening, scientific knowledge, life experience and a process that can be readily transformed into action to provide immediate assistance to the client.

Success is achieved when the client has achieved the life changing goal(s) set with the support of a qualified counselor.

Persistence and perseverance are often the key prerequisites to success.  Success can be measured by real progress toward the achievement of a client's goal(s) as well as the attainment of the goal itself.

You Have a Friend Counseling Service believes that life can be what a client determines to make it if the client is willing to take responsibility for his or her life and makes the decisions that will avoid harm and lead toward the achievement of quality life goals.  The key to success is oftern getting the client to understand the importance of a positive attitude.  The Charles Sindoll quote below summarizes the importance of a positive attitude.


You Have a Friend Counseling Service is not a psychological, psychiatric, or social work based counseling service.


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